What Is Halloumi Cheese?

Our production unit prepares limited quantities of halloumi, always in the same traditional way, keeping the tradition alive, the taste unchanged and the quality unsurpassed.

Our halloumi is made by hand and takes its shape in traditional straw containers. It is stored in its natural juices with salt-water, the same way it was stored and matured in the old times when there were no refrigerators. For us the process of thickening the milk to produce halloumi is live and very sensitive.  It requires care and attention, from beginning to end, to get our tasty, authentic halloumi on your table. 

Our halloumi, as well as our other dairy products, are produced from selected goat and sheep's milk of our own and other free pasture herds.

First Prize of Progress Achievement 1982
F.A.O. U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

First Prize for Production of Milk Products 1990.
F.A.O. World Food Day.

Quality Prize 1995.

We keep the cheese in the traditional shape of a half circle, which is done by hand. There are no additives for the thickening of the milk and no chemicals or preservatives in its special texture. The fine quality of our milk, the traditional preparation methods in straw containers, the dedication, and the human care all work together to make our products well known not only in Cyprus but in many countries abroad.

Grill It

It softens into a fine, almost transparently thin crust, trapping its entire aroma on the inside.

Fry It

It acquires a golden crust while on the inside remaining juicy without absorbing any oil.

Grate It

It goes beautifully with pasta or as a filling for ravioli.

Slice It

It makes unusually good combinations with seasonal fruit such as watermelon, grapes, or figs. The national snack of Cyprus is a sandwich with Halloumi and smoked ham.